Webinar Recording: Tian – An Open Source Test Automated Lab in the Cloud


One of the biggest challenges in leveraging open source tools in creating automated testing solutions is how to produce and manage the right configuration of test resources and machines in the test lab to handle functional test execution and compatibility testing. Virtualization has certainly made it easier to maintain and manage test labs, but it is not completely free of its shortcomings and maintenance challenges.

With current need for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Test Execution, making the necessary test configurations available in test labs at the scheduled as well as unscheduled times from the CI server has made it even more challenging to optimize test lab usage.

At QA InfoTech, with our ongoing research and development, we have developed an open source cloud based automated test execution platform – Tian. Tian helps in scheduling and running automated tests against any desired test configuration. It provides a cloud of test configurations to remotely execute automated tests and get test feedback. We recently hosted a webinar presenting Tian to the audience, its features and its user interface along with live demonstrations of Tian in action. The recording from this webinar is presented below for your viewing. This is the first step from QA InfoTech in building a larger testing ecosystem, which we believe is our responsibility in contributing back to the community. Please reach out to us, if you are interested in using Tian or in partnering with us in any way in building this testing ecosystem. We will be happy to talk to you.