Workout Routine and Diet Plan of Shilpa Shetty


Shilpa Shetty, also known as Shilpa Shetty Kundra after her marriage, is an Indian film actress, producer and former model. She was born in 1975 (age – 40-41),  5 ft 8.5. She is one of the best actress in Bollywood industry and very much famous for her sexy figure. She is one from those actresses growing prettier and sexier with aging. This article is all about Shilpa’s Diet Plan and Routine Workout.

She is an inspiration for all women of her age as carrying her body in such a toned way even after having a kid is really motivating. However, she also devotes enormous time and energy in honing it. Toned body, trimmed waist and relish slender figure, who doesn’t want to have such a fit body.

After winning the popular TV show, Celebrity Big Brother 5, the Indian beauty created an ever-lasting impression on Britishers and had them grow inquisitive to know her fitness secrets. Shilpa shared her secrets of her fitness with the world by releasing three yoga video CDs in which she being the yoga guru is telling the correct ways of executing yoga and pranayam.


So here we reveal the secret of her fitness here:

Shilpa Shetty Diet Plan


Shilpa Shetty tells she follow a diet which is healthy but do not deprive yourself. Shetty-Kundra says she has since been particular about eating right but never really considered dieting. “The word diet makes the mind believe that the body is being deprived, and this deprivation leads to cravings.”

She takes the right amount of Protein and Carbs. She starts her day with Amla and Aloe vera juice.

Shilpa makes more use of brown rice, brown pasta, brown sugar, brown bread etc. in her diet. Shilpa cooks wholesome foods such as salmon, turkey, veggies etc. in olive oil, which indeed is packed with nutrients. Also after her workout session, she consumes the protein shake.

Daily Workout


Shilpa gives her half hour or one hour for a workout. She also gives her 10 min to yoga to wash out all daily stress.  She believes in exercise gym should be done in a proper way then only it will benefit you otherwise, it may also reverse their benefits.

Tips For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


Being a mother of 4 years kid (Viaan Kundra) and still having a relish slender figure, Shilpa gives some tips for post pregnancy weight loss to mothers who wants to get rid of their pregnancy weight.

She first suzzest every mother that not to hurry to get a skinny body rather focus on shedding your extra fat accumulated during pregnancy due to consumption of extra ghee, and other dairy products.


Under the direction of her fitness trainer, Vinod Channa, the stunner began with light workouts such as cycling, walking etc. for fifteen to twenty minutes thrice in a week.She gradually enhanced both the intensity and time spent on them. And within ten months past the birth of her son, Shilpa shed twenty kgs and switched back to slender shape.