“There is a misguided perception that kissing and bikinis sell a film” – Emraan Hashmi


Emraan Hashmi is back at it. The smooch which has become as much as part of personality as Anil Kapoor’s mooch, refuses to leave him alone. Having decided some time ago not to kiss his leading ladies any more Emraan has had to eat back his own words and lean back on the liplock on public demand in his last film Azhar. Now the trailer of Raaz Rebootshows the actor back on a smooching spree. At one point in his career Emraan Hashmi decided he won’t kiss any more, especially since he had to buy a bag for his wife as a pacifying gift each time he smooched one of his heroines.

“My wife’s wardrobe was spilling over with handbags,” jokes Emraan. “I did make a resolve to stop kissing on screen. In fact my first international film Tiger (directed by Danis Tanovic) also has me kissing. But they don’t make an issue of it in international films. In India kissing in films is still regarded as a big event. I guess in Hindi cinema kissing is still a big deal. I had to return to kissing. What to do? Audiences don’t seem to like it when I am not kissing.”

Emraan says the audiences’ desire to see him smooch his heroine surpasses his own exhaustion with the serial kisser’s image. “The image amuses me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my audience likes to see me kiss. There is a very strong erotic association with my image. And no point in fighting it. I can’t say I enjoy the image or the process of smooching on screen. Believe me, I find it annoying to have to kiss just because my fans want me to.”  Emraan Hashmi is baffled by the public demand to kiss. “I don’t think the young audience of India is kiss crazy. There is a misguided perception within the industry that kissing and bikinis sell a film to the public. I don’t think anyone goes to the movies to see these things. No one is counting kisses at the movies.”